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Elementary Education: Social Studies—CKT (7815)

The Elementary Education: Social Studies—Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) subtest is designed to assess whether just qualified teachers have the standards-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities believed necessary for competent professional practice at time of entry into the profession. The 60 selected-response questions are based on the material typically covered in a bachelor’s degree program in elementary education.

For a detailed overview, sample questions and tips for studying, download these free resources:

Study Companion (PDF)   |   Study Plan (Word)

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Elementary Education: Social Studies—CKT (7815)

Practice Test: Elementary Education: Social Studies -CKT (7815)


Boost your confidence for the Elementary Education: Social Studies—CKT (7815) test. Take a full-length, interactive practice test with 60 questions covering all the topics on the test, such as history, government, citizenship, economics, and more.

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Note: You may schedule the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching Tests (7811) to take all 4 subtests—Reading and Language Arts-CKT (7812), Mathematics-CKT (7813), Science-CKT (7814), and Social Studies-CKT (7815)—in the same session at a discounted price.



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Elementary Education: Social Studies—CKT (7815)

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