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Chemistry (5246)

The Praxis® Chemistry test is designed to measure knowledge and competencies important for safe and effective beginning practice as a teacher of chemistry. Test takers have typically completed a bachelor’s degree program with appropriate coursework in chemistry and education. Content topics for the Chemistry test span the chemistry curriculum, including content related to (I) Nature and Impact of Science and Engineering, (II) Principles and Models of Matter and Energy, (III) Chemical Composition, Bonding, and Structure, (IV) Chemical Reactions and Periodicity, and (V) Solutions and Acid Base Chemistry.

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Chemistry (5246)

Practice Test: Chemistry (5246)


Boost your confidence for the Chemistry (5246) test. Take a full-length, interactive practice test with 125 questions covering all the topics on the test, such as nature and impact of science and engineering, principles and models of matter, and more.

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Chemistry (5246)

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